Hello world!

Well here it is, the first blog post on my own account.  How appropriate that as I begin to spread my wings with internet blogging I’m reminded of my start in this industry as a software developer.

Seems like a long time ago that I started to learn to program. It was back in college.  I was attending Boston College (Go Eagles!) I’m sure I share this experience with most of you, but I think the first program I wrote was a Hello World Program.  I learned to program in Basic then Pascal then COBOL then Fortran.

My first job out of college was for Pratt&Whitney Aircraft.  I was developing software to help in the analysis of jet engine reliability issues. The first program I wrote was a large monte-carlo simulation that allowed PWC sales management to estimate how much it might cost to maintain a fleet of jet engines. It was written in Fortran and ran on an IBM mainframe in batch mode. I wrote the code on sheets of paper and they were keyed in by a typing pool! It took me over a  year to write that monster. How exiting that was!

A lot of things have changed since my days of wrangling with OS/370 JCL. My career wound a path through C, C++, LISP, and JAVA.  The platforms I worked on morphed from Mainframes to minicomputers to, workstations to RISC based servers, to x86 architectures and storage systems. The environments ranged from OS/370, MVS, VMS (do you know the difference?) XENIX, UNIX, Solaris, Linux and VMware.  I worked in Applications, Operating Systems, Middleware. The functions have changed from Developer to product manager, to systems engineer, to sales (Channel, OEM, end user) to business development and partner management to marketing.

I’m now in the customer and sales-force facing roles of solutions marketing. I’m working on virtualization technologies and cloud computing working for Dell Inc.. My how the world has changed! Hello World!

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