Oracle RMAN is the SLA “Tax man”

In prior blogs, I’ve proposed that many organizations are paying “taxes” that they shouldn’t have to pay. These taxes are in the form of wasted costs from owning and running extra server headroom just so that performance doesn’t become unacceptable during data protection operations.

Databases are a great place to show this because the underpin most business-critical systems out there. I showed some specific examples with SQL Server, but just to prove that this is not just a Microsoft problem, let’s take a look at Oracle.

The Backup Tax – Oracle style:

Oracle RMAN is the default utility for performing database backup, restore and recovery of Oracle databases. Here are some results quantifying the impact of RMAN backups in an Oracle database environment, this is for a 2-Node Oracle 11g R2 RAC cluster running a TPC-C style transactional workload.

There are a couple of key points to note.

  • Even though this was a lightly loaded system, CPU Utilization increased 30-40% for the entire duration of the backup.
  • Response time and Transactional performance see a negative spike for the first couple of minutes of the backup window.

Conclusion: You have to pay the “tax man” for Oracle when you use RMAN on your Oracle host.

For more info on this testing see:

Now it is time to hear from you. What is your experience with SLA taxes?


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