Are you good at it?

What are you tasked with today? What challenges are you facing? As you ask yourself those questions, whatever the answer is, one thing is for certain you need to “be good at it”.

Whatever lies ahead, there is one thing that you can control and that is the attitude that you take when you approach the day. How do you feel about what you need to do today? You may be excited, you may be worried; you may be dreading what is next. Your emotions are what they are, and you really can’t completely control how you feel or what your gut reaction is to something. What you can control is the amount of focus and determination that you apply to what you do. You must do your best, whatever the task.

Let me give you a couple of personal examples:

* I tore the ACL in my left knee while skiing. Man, was that a drag! It happened on the _first_ weekend of ski season. I was employed as a ski instructor. I was scheduled to attend a week-long ski instructor training event starting the next day. Then everything changed. I had to change my focus. The new focus was not skiing, but surgery and rehabilitation. I decided to “be good at it”. I was going to be the best knee-injury patient possible. I chose a new sedentary hobby. I researched how to deal with and recover from my injury. Within 6 months I was cleared for unrestricted activity, PLUS I had learned how to create and edit movies on my PC.

* I was asked to pull together a major trade-show for my employer. The task was fraught with challenges – tight timelines, crafting a keynote for an executive, balancing many competing demands for budget, floor space and brand exposure, scheduling staff, choosing demonstrations, crafting messages, signage etc. etc. Of course it all had to be done while doing my day-job of creating marketing assets and driving demand generation activities. The prospect was daunting. I knew it was going to mean lots of long hours and undesirable trade-offs. I decided to “be good at it”. I put a plan in place, rallied a team, asked for (and got) a lot of help. The result was a resounding success according to everyone involved.

* I played ice-hockey in school. I wasn’t blessed with the most skilled hands, and my depth-perception (I have since found out) is incredibly bad. I didn’t get to play that much. I went all-out in practice. I proactively helped out with non-playing tasks when the opportunity arose. I ended up making the varsity team my senior year and couldn’t have been prouder even while sitting there on that bench. When we were way ahead or way behind, I got to play and loved every minute of it. Even when warming the bench, I was “good at it.”

So you have two choices folks: resist the inevitable and do the minimum or “be good at it”. Which will you be today?


About Bob Ganley

Enterprise Information Technology Executive, Family Man, Athlete @ganleybob on twitter
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